Rachel's Blog: Joneses lower the bar

Mon, 20 Sep 2004

As we are the a Jones family I feel it is my duty to lower the standards for the sanity of party-hosting parents everywhere. From now on it won't be a case of trying to keep up with us. Now you will have to slow down, go low key and dig out your recipe for Honey Joys. (I always preferred them over Chocolate Crackles.)
Abbey's first birthday is approaching and I'm very tempted to do next to nothing. She's not going to remember it. We don't even know what we're going to "get" her. (Again, nothing is tempting.) Discussions with other first-time parents recently has steeled my resolve to keep it calm. Parties for this age group are just social occasions for parents and family anyway, but with masses of gifts for a bemused baby.
She had the best fun yesterday with a large paper envelope and some election propaganda. I'm sure I can turn that into a party theme.