Rachel's Blog: Curtsey to Your Partner.

Mon, 07 Nov 2005

I just made a pen and paper list entitled Everything That's Going On Right Now (At Least In My Head) and it turns out I'm working on nine currently active projects. That's not including things like remembering to bake a cake for Abbey's party, or our neighbours leaving notes in the letterbox wherein they politely wonder if we've noticed the dead tree at the end of our block that's poised waiting for someone to walk underneath it that it can then collapse upon, crush and kill, or all the knitting patterns I've started, or the clothes I should mend, or all the housework, or what's for dinner tomorrow night. No wonder I went insane a couple of days ago.
How could I tell I had gone insane? I curtsied during a conversation.

Comment by toby on Mon, 07 Nov 2005

I can only presume you weren't talking to the Queen? I'm not sure whether that would make you less crazy or much much more...