Rachel's Blog: Continuum 3 Report

Mon, 18 Jul 2005

I'm considering getting a little badge made, "I survived Continuum 3". Three days of new ideas, hilarious panels, informative panels, meeting people, helping people, readings, teaser trailers, book launches, dancing, silly outfits and making a fool of myself.

The best, in my opinion but in no particular order, were
The panels:

The Guest of Honour Speeches:
  • Neil Gaiman who read two sections from Anansi Boys and then teased us by showing scenes from Mirrormask but then announcing that Sony has no plans to distribute it to Australian cinemas. If you think that this is a foolish decision on the part of Sony write them a paper letter and tell them so. Address your complaint to Sony Pictures Releasing Pty Ltd. Level 30, 1 Market Street SYDNEY NSW 2000.
  • Poppy Z. Brite who read a gorgeous story from an upcoming collection and then answered questions about New Orleans that made me want to go there and eat lots of food. I'm really looking forward to reading Liquor and Prime.
All the people I met. You know who you are. Thanks for saving me front row seats, being funny and having lunch with me. You guys rock.

Other random Cool Stuff - the enthusiasm and giddy excitement of Richard Harland, me winning a round of Blankety Blanks with the answer "Wheeee!" (I still don't understand that one), all the authors signing above and beyond the call of duty and being nice about it, and Richard for letting me go and keeping the homefront under control.

I had many conversations with committee members about the work they did to make C3 such a great con (Poppy said it was the best con she had ever been to and Neil said the Great Debate was the funniest panel he had ever been on) and was pretty convinced that it was something I wanted to do for C4. But then at the end of the closing ceremony they announced the only guest they were able to confirm at that point for Continuum 4 - Shaun Tan. So now I have no excuse.