Rachel's Blog: Calamari New Fish

Mon, 02 Jan 2006

I feel like 2006 has lept upon me unawares as Cthulumas celebrations stretched over to January 1st (my family is famous for leaving things to the last minute, and then some...) and I went to bed at the usual time on New Year's Eve with a headache. I had planned to stay up and watch A Clockwork Orange which I had hired especially, but I'm getting old or something. (I turn thirty this year!)

On Reflection:
2005 was a mish mash. Nothing awful happened, but nothing over-the-moon exciting either (Y'know, apart from Serenity.) I did gain truckloads of focus from somewhere and threw out a whole lot of ideas that weren't working for me.
I also threw out a lot of physical stuff - just not quite enough yet.
I read 71 books in 2005.
I completed about 40% of my Uberlist.

In Anticipation:
I'm aiming to read 100 books this year, with a greater emphasis on Australian SF, and some Shakespeare.
I'm not doing an Uberlist this year. I found it restrictive - as the format does not encourage revision as you go - and haphazard with all goals or tasks weighted equally. Instead I am concentrating on some more substantial goals and will review them as the year progresses; putting my new found focus to work. (More on those goals later.)

I wish you much calamari in 2006 (unless you're allergic or something) and anything else your heart desires. Here's to a marked reduction in the number of stupid politicians and their one-eyed policies this year.

The chalk drawing represents the sum total of my seasonal decorating efforts this/last year.