Rachel's Blog: Revolting

Thu, 03 Nov 2005

I was staring, scrying if you will, into the milk dregs at the bottom of my cereal bowl this morning when it came to me. There will be no revolution of the Australian people.
No matter how angry we are. No matter how we fume on our weblogs and gather in small groups to rail against the system.
We are spread thinner than vegemite on toast. We’re complacent. Comfortable. Apathetic when it comes to action.
Oh, tens of thousands of us will gather in peaceful protest. But then we’ll wander back into the suburbs, order a pizza for dinner and sit down to watch ourselves on the television.
We’ll be proud. We showed them.
I wonder if it is possible to drown in a half centimetre of milk.

(Please prove me wrong.)

Comment by jeanette on Thu, 03 Nov 2005

We showed them.
No we showed us.
And you will know that you are not alone in your despair. There are tens, hundreds of thousands of thinking people in this country who every day question and worry and wonder how can this be?