Rachel's Blog: It's not feminism; it's capitalism

Tue, 06 Dec 2005

I've spent the last couple of hours reading threads that largely spawned from this article, America's Stay-at-Home Feminists.
After a couple of hours reading and drinking, I'm now too drunk to even finish the damn article, suffice to say that when the arguments are all about marrying younger or poorer in order to boost your chances at staying in a high powered job once the kids come along, or planning a tertiary education with an eye on career goals (instead of a liberal-arts degree), it's not feminism; it's capitalism.
Sure, housework sucks and men who don't do their share, or more than their share, or all of it, or whatever, whether they have kids, a wife, a partner, or still live in the basement of their parent's homes, suck too. But earning $100K a year is not going to fix that one bit.
The author interviewed, for reasons lost on me, only high profiled women whose marriages were announced in The New York Times. She seems to have missed the point around about here:
[W]hen they quit, they were already alienated from their work or at least not committed to a life of work. One, a female MBA, said she could never figure out why the men at her workplace, which fired her, were so excited about making deals. "It's only money," she mused.
I think, and I'm drawing on my own circle of data friends here, that had she interviewed more widely she might have discovered a disillusionment with the grossly inflexible capitalist system of umpty hours work a week. Women are just way smarter than men at figuring these things out.