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Wed, 04 Apr 2007

In addition to web-compliant supermarkets, there are two more technological advances I think the world needs, starting today.

Firstly, radio stations should broadcast track data—artist, title, album—alongside each song. All newer cars have digital displays don't they? Imagine listening to a cheery little tune, glancing across to the radio and swearing to never purchase any band with a name containing "New", "Life" or that creates a plural using a "z". It couldn't be that hard to implement. It's so tedious waiting for the dj to back-announce, which they inevitably won't do if it's a track you're curious about.

Secondly, and speaking of tedious, advertisements for the voting schemes of reality TV shows should not be shown. Too much to ask? OK, how about they not be shown after you're generous enough to vote. I don't even watch these singing-dancing-weight-loss-humiliation shows, but I'd very nearly pay the 55c to not ever see or hear again "If you want to keep Ducky in the show ring 1902 123 456. If you think Ferris should stick around ring 1902 123 457. If you preferred Curly Sue's performance ring 1902 123 458. Or SMS your favourite contestant's name to 1902 RIP OFF."

I guess that TVs in that case would need something similar to cookies, which is probably a gross invasion of privacy once it was linked to your phone account. But still, the ads are almost bad enough to warrant it. Perhaps it's a grand nefarious scheme which they're poised to implement in the guise of saving your eyeballs and brain, but instead they'll be armed with mountains of marketing data to on-sell and, I'm raving aren't I?