Rachel's Blog: Spicks and Specks: A Haunting

Wed, 03 May 2006

Ever get the feeling that the entire world is a joke at your expense? If not the entire world then how about just a part of it? It might be a suburb. A particular day of the week. Perhaps a bakery is making a mockery of you.

For me it is the ABC music quiz show Spicks and Specks. Don't get me wrong, I love this show, I like the host, Adam Hills, and team captains Alan Brough and Myf (Myf!) Warhurst. I like that sometimes I know the answers and sometimes I don't. I like that it's silly, but knowledgeable. But the whole program just seems a little odd. Like a glitch in the space-time continuum.

It started with the segment Substitute. A team member must sing a song to their teammates but substitute the lyrics from a supplied text. Presumably the text is the daggiest or most unlikely book the producers could find in the ABC library. Workshop manuals for old cars have featured, as have dog grooming guides and the Holy Bible (daggy or unlikely - you decide). The first time I recognised I had read the book they were all chuckling over (I believe it was by designer Kaffe Fassett) I laughed it off. By the third or fourth time I was checking behind the couch for ABC employees ransacking my bookshelves. I read a lot, but honestly, not all of it is that bad.

In episode eight one of the guests was a comedian I knew from uni. He came to my 21st birthday party. Tonight, episode twelve featured harpist, Megan Reeve who, being local, was in our council-assigned Mums' Group with her daughter. I'm terrifed who will guest next week. Will it be that P.E. teacher who never really believed I couldn't swim. (I can't.) My piano teacher? School band conductor? Physiotherapist?

Perhaps they'll print out from the Internet an entry from someone's blog to be used in Substitute and it will be this one.

Comment by m1k3y on Thu, 04 May 2006

paging Philip K Dick..