Rachel's Blog: Save the children: TV, movies, comic books.

Tue, 13 Jun 2006

Witness this conversation between Brian Michael Bendis (Marvel comics writer) and Joss Whedon (comics writer, film maker, creator of cult tv shows) devolve into a competition over how little TV their kids watch. Hilarious. Tune in next week when they will armwrestle over breast vs bottle feeding and disposable vs cloth nappies.


BENDIS: See, for me right now, I love being a father more than anything in the world. And watching “Sky High” with my child ties for our worst moment tied with having to sit through “Garfield.”

WHEDON: Ah. Well, see, my child hasn’t seen any movies yet.

BENDIS: Ah, okay. How old or young?

WHEDON: Three.

BENDIS: Ah, see, my kid loves movies. She’s three and a half and she loves them.

WHEDON: Ah, well, he hasn’t seen any TV at all except for one concert and I showed him a couple songs from “The Little Mermaid.”

BENDIS: She doesn’t know the TV works. It only works for movies at night.

WHEDON: Ah, right. We’re just starting to get him in on it.


Abbey watches TV*. She reads comic books** too. At two and a half she's probably beyond salvation.

*I can't help myself. I have to cover my bases in case I'm visited by any judgmental backseat parents. The only TV Abbey would watch that is not specifically for preschoolers is the Antiques Roadshow. Even then, if she gets too excited over a Georgian table, I switch it off.

**Donald Duck