Rachel's Blog: Producers in conversation.

Thu, 22 Sep 2005

Producer A - "That British film was a success, we should do something like that."
Producer B - "Trainspotting."
A - "No, the one about the girls."
B - "Bend it like Beckham?"
A - "It had that guy in it."
B - "Hugh Grant."
A - "No, the other one."
B - "Sean Connery."
A - "It was set in the olden days."
B - "Oliver."
A - "Isn't that a cooking show?"
B - "Well, there was a song about food in it. Do you want to remake Oliver Twist?"
A - "No. Well, maybe later. I'm thinking of something more recent."
B - "About food."
A - "Family. There was definitely something to do with families."
B - "My Left Foot."
A - Hmm, do you think Keira Knightly could learn to type with her foot?"