Rachel's Blog: Lost Boys 2 trailer - Lost the plot?

Sun, 16 Mar 2008

The trailer for the sequel to Lost Boys, Lost Boys: The Tribe can be seen here, along with, if you can stand it, five clips of Corey Feldman telling us how great it, and in particular, his character is, in it.
How terrible is that sentence? Did you see the trailer yet?

It's either sheer genius that they have so many of the original characters and cast members in it (plus Keifer's half-brother Angus Sutherland) or complete garbage. Also worth noting is that a large chunk of the target audience for the genre were not born when the original film was released (1987 - I feel old).

It looks like a good candidate for Cheapass Tuesday.

Comment by m1k3y on Mon, 17 Mar 2008

awesome...............just when everyone had finally, finally stopped with the "maggots Michael.. you're eating maggots"

also, there had better be a rockin' saxophone solo!