Rachel's Blog: Atonement

Sun, 20 Jan 2008

I saw Cloverfield a couple of nights ago and I did not like it. I was not nauseated by the camera work - simply bored by it. But loads of other people like it, so don't mind me.

However, I do want to recommend Atonement. A lot. I didn't know much going in - only that I had a two-for-one pass that I was determined to use. So I dragged my mother off to see it. We were expecting a costume drama, which we got, thank goodness, (the clothes! the beautiful clothes!) but so much more. It's a gorgeous story, elegantly told and stunning to watch. (Too many superlatives? I say not.)

Atonement has won Golden Globes (whatever that counts for) for Best Drama and for Best Original Soundtrack, which I'm listening to right now. You don't need to know anything about the plot, only that it's the only film I've ever seen that has the worst swear word in the world in massive letters appear across the screen several times and it is integral to the plot. Infinitely satisfying.

It's only on limited release, so go soon.