Rachel's Blog: 2008 Oscars - Where are the dresses?

Mon, 25 Feb 2008

I know I missed the whole red carpet thing, but I'm really not getting anything from the outfits this year. Where are the kilts? The pant-suits? The tulle? It's all so tasteful.

Colin Farrell doesn't want to be there either. I wonder what he slipped on. Does Jon Stewart not get toilet breaks?

Another tame dull song. Speaking of toilet breaks...

Hey there's a voice over behind all that music. I wonder if it's saying anything good?

I have seen shamefully few of these Best Pictures. Not even Casablanca! I know! What am I doing?

I'm counting genre films - one (you figure it out!), unless you want to count Ben Hur and fantasies like Titanic. Plenty of musicals though.

Editing. Oh probably The Bourne Ultimatum again. OH YES! Picks a winner! *punches air*

Nicole Kidman: Wins the necklace award, gives a lifetime achievement award to the oldest member of the Academy yet to get one.

When Robert Boyle said "Hitch" did you all picture Wil Smith? Yes, you know you did.

Half an hour to go...but there are stacks of awards to go!

Another Enchanted song... Bit light on musicals this year?

John Travolta could be a spokesman for Grecian Formula.

Best Song....not one from Enchanted. Well of course not. Couldn't be something fun and cheerful could it?

Time to post again? Oh alright.