Rachel's Blog: 2008 Oscars - The last one I swear.

Mon, 25 Feb 2008

So what's left? Best Actor, Director, Foreign Film and Director. So that means they'll keep stretching it. I predict an 11.47 end time. Because we all know how good my predictions are.

Oh and Cimena-cinen-I can do this... Cinematography too. *crosses fingers, whispers Atonement* Still can't do it.

That's some good shoulders on Hilary Swank. Silly tizzy bit, though.

Oh, the sad bit. Worst are the actresses that died in old age, but they only show footage of their early work, so it looks like all these young things have keeled over.

See there's an ad for Run, Fatboy, Run. It's better than that, I promise.

Now they're trying to cheer everyone up again with the song that didn't win an Oscar.

Original Score - another award I forgot about. I bought the Atonement soundtrack. That says something, right? WOOOOOOH! Picks another winner!

Documentary Feature. I think my prediction of 11:47 is way off. This won't end until tomorrow.

Can't anyone make an award nominatable documentary about something uplifting?

So who's that other woman up there? Stealing limelight methinks.

My eyes have glazed over. It's Indy! Screenplay... Juno? Please? It deserves something surely? YeeeeeHaaaaaa!!! Another win for me... I mean Diablo Cody! Best onstage tatt.

My cat has lost the plot again. He's probably wanting me to turn the tv off so he can go to sleep. He's that kind of a cat.