Rachel's Blog: 2008 Oscars - The cat is insane

Mon, 25 Feb 2008

My cat that is. Meowing at air.

What's with the weird shoulder things everyone's wearing?

Seeing what they actually did with the makeup is good. La Vie En Rose gets a prize! My dad'll be happy with that.

This is the "We're sorry about the Freedom Fries thing" Award.

Songs - usually a painful part of the evening. This is my pick though. Cute!

Needs dancers. Also cockroaches.

More reminscinces. I'm sure it's lovely for _them_.

Trying not to post during every ad break. Don't want to get to keen too early. Hours to go yet. I wonder if there's any chocolate.....yes! But not much. Will have to ration.

I'll have you know this is a Threadless t-shirt, Jon.

Dwayne who? Familiar face. Is he usually shirtless?

SFX. They all win, I say. But especially Transformers.

Hooray, my first miss for the evening! This is the science fiction award isn't it? Do genre films ever get anything more than FX and costuming awards?

No, cat you may not sit on me.

Art Direction. My pick is Sweeney Todd, but only because Atonement is going to win everything else.

OMG I picked it! And in case you were wondering, no, I have no idea what the results are before the telecast. What would be the point if I did?

How many shots of Johnny Depp can we fit in to someone else's result.

Oh, Cate is a dog. hilarious.

What is this _every_ past winner? *yawn*

Night of the Godawful Dress. In cinemas this summer.

Supporting actor...I pick... um... who are these guys?

Comment by Damien on Tue, 26 Feb 2008

Wha? What was the comment about the Threadless shirt? :)

Comment by Rachel on Tue, 26 Feb 2008

It's all pretty hazy, but I think it was in response to a joke about the people at the Oscars nitpicking on the viewers' outfits during the adbreaks.