Rachel's Blog: 2008 Oscars - Did I Miss Anything?

Mon, 25 Feb 2008

OK, I'm here. Just caught the end of Jon Stewart's intro. Was it funny? Well it certainly didn't end in hysterics. Plenty of time for him to warm up though.

Costume Design. Never going to be a controversial category. Pretty though!

George Clooney. It's long. The Oscars trot down memory lane. Cheeeapppppp. Where are the big production numbers nowadays?

Crap, I'm bored already.

So here's what I have in preparation for tonight. A glass of water, a packet of medicated throat lozenges and a sore throat. woooooh.

iPhone joke. Ugh.

I think I saw Justine Larbalestier comment earlier today that Anne Hathaway's outfit was hideous. She was right!

Scripted commentary. Less funny. Vomit joke.

Please don't give this award to Ratatouille.

Double Ugh.