Rachel's Blog: 2007 Oscars: The Opening Ceremony

Mon, 26 Feb 2007

Surely some more women were nominated? This is gross. It's a pity party for the nominees.

Didn't attend to Abbey's last yells. She's stil going.

What's the point of this? We don't know (most of) thier names, and they're not wearing the same outfits they'll be wearing tonight so....

Ooh email! OK, Bending Subjected (!?) wants to know if I suffer from erectile dysfunction.
No, I don't. But thanks for asking!
Keep those emails coming (har har)

Roight - here's the host.
WTF is on her feet?
A dream come true to host the Academy Awards? Surely winning would be better...but I guess you get more time on stage than anyone...

OK - big year - Most International Oscars Ever. *shrug* Still boring.

Time to fess up. I think I've seen a total of three of the nominated films this year, and one of thise is Cars (Best Original Song Nominee). But I've seen it like twenty times!

Abbey yelling: #4

Abbey wanted me to leave her door open. She didn't believe me when I told her it wasn't interesting television.

I was right - praising Al Gore is a gimmee. And no, I don't want to look at DiCaprio.

No blacks, Jews or gays = no Oscars. Aren't you learning a lot tonight?

Eww, first staged number. They have 12 choristers. That's pathetic. This is the Oscars1 There should be at least a hundred!!!