Rachel's Blog: 2007 Oscars: The Middle Bit

Mon, 26 Feb 2007

Bored already and only halfway.

What is it, Ellen's tea break? Who's that guy?

Need more snacks... OK I've gone with the microwave popcorn which may proce to be a fatal mistake, but at least I'll be forced to sit here a while longer.

Second actual laugh - Meryl Streep. And she didn't even say anything.

That's an excellent way to present the costumes. Way better than the usual montage of sketches and photos.

Sitemeter says I had an average of 22 visits per day last week. Thanks Sitemeter!

Best Dress Nominee: Sherry Lansing

Worst Dress Nominee: Gwyneth Paltrow

"Thanks to cell phones nearly everyone in the world is now a cinematographer." How many things are wrong with that sentence!?!

Cruel torture! The popcorn bag has caused a paper cut which is exacerbated by the salt! Arrgh!
Also, there's butter all over the keyboard.

I seem to be slowing down... so tired. *snore*

Hey Pirates got an award. Cool.

Gorp? That guy got -2 seconds at the mike and he only manages to say "Gorp."

See the audience are so bored they're climbing over each other in an effort to get out. I wonder if the doors are locked? From the ouside I mean.