Rachel's Blog: 2007 Oscars: Overture

Mon, 26 Feb 2007

Well I'm here, where's the action? I was worried today that I'd not have enough snacks to get me through this, and no time to get to the shops. But I think I'll be right.

Snack Inventory
3.8 Little Creatures beers
microwave popcorn
potato wedges
guacamole (rhymes with rock-and-rolly according to Abbey)
hummus and crackers
hot chocolate
seven varieties of tea
one Tim Tam (saving that for last)

Ahh, here he is. Mr Richard Same-Hair-Since-1987 Wilkins. Eww I hate that song. Absolutely they would have chosen Helen Mirren b/c she's the most physically like the Queen. Waaa? Beyonce - 7 years=forever. Gum chewing should be banned from the red carpet. Imagine if it got onto someone's gazillion dollar shoe?

Why do they need to advertise Elevit? Surely every doctor does that for them?