Rachel's Blog: 2007 Oscars: I'm still here

Mon, 26 Feb 2007

Although I don't know why. I think that last email may have unnecessarily encouraged me.

Can they only have one Gyllenhaal per ceremony? 79% of the reason I'm still sitting here is to get a gander at Jake.

Goooo Sid!

Tobey Maguire - close... but no Jake.

This is why they turn the screenplays into movies - they don't make very good readings.

Ginette says: delay the trip to Disneyland and wait for that museum to open.

Yep, sounds like the place to go. Except if they accost you at the gate with oversized live Oscars for hugs and photo ops. Or animatronic ones that wave you to the souvenirs.

I'm glad that they're putting little nametags up for all the presenters. I can hardly recognise these people.

Heee, that's Jessica Rabbit's dress!

Forty minutes to go.

See, this is why I won't go and see Dreamgirls. *yawn* It's like being stuck in a lift.

Now Billy is trying to claim ownership of my laptop and his fur is sticking to the butter. Shoo cat!

Ginette says:thank goodness I never spent money seeing Dreamgirls - I thought it was motown

Which just proves that we're related I think.