Rachel's Blog: 2007 Oscars: First Nominees

Mon, 26 Feb 2007

That was a very convoluted way to get to the point of Art Direction. Why is the word "Frodo" on screen? Don't tell me someone made another LOTR movie.

One of my neighbours is taking this opportunity to take down a tree with a chainsaw. Mmmm the petrol fumes are going to do wonders for my comprehensibility.

Mmmm Maggie Gyllenhaal...

When I think Oscar I don't think contemporary dance. Just throwing that out there.

Abbey yelling: #5 Thank God. Don't think I can stand many more of these ads.

Comedians "singing" in a musical-parody medley? Oh, Just Stop It.

That's not make-up. That guy's nose really looks like that.

The automatic mike height thingy! I love that!

Animated shorts! Dear Channel Nine please show these instead of advertisements. Even though Harvey Crumpet won last year(?), which I don't particularly like.

West Bank Story looks great!

Does Jack Nicholson have a disease I'm not aware of? He has no hair..

There should be an award for most words crammed into the alotted 45 seconds.

One hour down, three to go

Does Ch.9 really think that anyone would be missing 1 vs 100 at this point?