Rachel's Blog: 2006 Oscars Observations Part Three

Mon, 06 Mar 2006

Ah, the Award Ceremony.

Hang on, is this funny? Yes. Somewhat unexpected.

I'm pretty happy with the idea of Jon Stewart hosting, but y'know, I'm on guard.
OK, the theme for those that missed it is, A Return to Glamour (Glamor, whatever).
Tally: political joke, political joke, breast joke, time to pick on George Clooney.

I guess the summing up of the films is funnier if you've seen them. *shrug*
Ooh, outfit, political, Icelander joke in one! Strike!

My cat is not appreciating the importance of my watching the TV right now. Seems to want food or something. But, Billy, they've hacked together a bunch of old Westerns to make them look gay. This is vital!