Rachel's Blog: 2006 Oscars Observations Part Six

Mon, 06 Mar 2006

All these ads are turning my brain to mush. Especially the one with the singing animals.

Describing Luke and Owen Wilson as "very talented"? Hmmm.

I always want to see these damn nominated short films. They should cut out the ads and show them instead.

Urrrrgggghhhhh. I hate it when they put the damn animated characters on stage. (I'm saying "damn" a lot aren't I? This is clearly a Night of Passion)

I believe I am patriotically required to chant "Go, Aussie, go!" at the moment.
Not that it helped at all.

Bored bored bored. Speech speech speech.

Why is that costume designers always manage to wear great and interesting but completely unflattering dresses?

Our Russell. (yes, I'm being ironic)

What a bizarre collection of people. Artists, scientists, criminals, sports people, a general, a president, a king, a man in a kilt, and Ghandi.

I can't believe I saw Wil Farrell in The Producers last night and enjoyed his performance, and now this?
Please don't let Star Wars III win anything.
Oh, another Clooney joke. If the poor man kills himself tonight It's All Your Fault, People.

See, it's much better at the Technological Achievement Awards because they get food!

It's Ron Glass! Oh, my mistake, it's Morgan Freeman.
Must see North Country.

Did I miss anything? I was off making a cup of tea...

Token old woman; Lauren Bacall. Must be one of the last minorities left. After all this is the year of the gay film, and when was it, 2002 year of the not-white actors?

What are they trying to say with this set of clips? Films used to have interesting stories and they weren't even in colour?

Let's characterise the Best Actress nominees by their appearances! And their crazy crazy names!

I'm seeing too much Matt Dillon tonight. Where's Johnny Depp?

Documentary Short category. Serious serious...tuning out...still serious... (I think when you win an award, even a serious one, you're supposed to smile on stage.)
Penguin applause from the penguin gallery! Awww, they have toys.

Honestly, how can I be snarky about the outfits when even Jennifer Lopez looks elegant?