Rachel's Blog: 2006 Oscars Observations Part One

Mon, 06 Mar 2006

OK I'm prepared as much as I am able for this, the screening of the 2006 Oscars.


  • I have chocolate.
  • I have hardly seen any of the films so I don't really care who wins.


  • No alcohol.
  • I have seen Walk the Line and I liked it, so if it doesn't win, I'm gonna be miffed.
  • There seems to be something more interesting on ABC2 - a documentary on the sound design of action films.

OK I'm on the right channel now for the red carpet.
Sure is red.
Oh, the people on the carpet? They seem to be wearing Outfits.
Oh, fuck. Richard Wilkins. I guess it can't get much worse.
First interviewee: Naomi Watts. Poor girl trying to explain why King Kong sucked and is hardly nominated
Bullock and Keanu on the defensive. We Are Not on A Date. (What a dumb question, like the Oscars would be a good place for a date? Everybody watching, tedious sitting around, not even any food!)

Woah, adbreak. Time to post.