Rachel's Blog: 2006 Oscars Observations Part Four

Mon, 06 Mar 2006

Our Nicole. Lemme guess. A man is going to win Best Supporting Actor?
Clooney. Well, other women find him attractive. Bored bored bored. speech speech speech. Wait, is he winning for Batman?

Oh, no. They're not going to have a adbreak between each award presentation are they? No wonder this goes for so long. And it's the same stupid ad every time. Arggh!

Ah! See that Xander? That's Wynton Marsalis selling iP*ds! Unbelievable.

Tom Hanks - Not funny
Ben Stiller - Not funny

Hey, now narnia would've been heaps better with those running red dots.
(It think that was a shot of the penguin gallery)
Oh, I'm glad King Kong won Visual Effects. I'm a big fan of the writing of the sister of a woman who worked on compositing. (I'm serious).

Why is CrimeStoppers never nominated for an Oscar? Gross oversight.