Rachel's Blog: Supergirl: Pink not Punk

Fri, 09 Feb 2007
I’m fond of pink. I like a number of activities that are considered feminine (see: liqueur chocolates). What wears me down is the constant, grinding creed of “girls are like this! And boys are like this! They just are, and they must remain so!” that is rarely explicitly stated and yet is constantly replicated in everything – comics, movies, TV, toys, posters, theatre, fanfic, dance, diamond advertisements, school uniforms, child beauty pageants and those awful GossipGirl books with the headless cover photographs.

Karen Healey gets all up in the face of marketeers that have rebranded Supergirl as a beauty queen princess.

Rightly so. The whole gender-specific colours, clothing and activities trend is leading me to say things to Abbey, such as, "Of course a girl could wear a wrestling costume if she wanted to." Instead of "That's ridiculous. No one should wear a wrestling costume."