Rachel's Blog: Sitemeter Cookies

Thu, 03 May 2007

I've only just learned of the stats tracking service Sitemeter, which I did use, allowing 3rd party spyware cookies to be installed in visitors' browsers. I've removed the Sitemeter counter from this blog and there are instructions on this page by Michael Sync on how to remove the specificclick cookies from your browser, which I recommend doing.

Update: So apparently it's not spyware, but Sitemeter have a lot of reputation ground to catch up on after this.

The specificclick.net cookie is being inaccurately characterized as Spyware, as it is only a cookie and does NOT install any software. The specificclick.net cookie is NOT spyware. The specificclick.net cookie performs no such activities that can be construed as spyware. We cannot control the fact that anti-spyware software companies incorrectly mark cookies as spyware.
Comment by tvnewsbadge on Thu, 29 May 2008

I use sitemeter... if the cookie is not spyware, what's it for?