Rachel's Blog: Our books are much cooler than this. I swear.

Fri, 29 Dec 2006

I've been using Delicious Library for quite a while now, and I still recommend it for maintaining a private collection. But I thought I'd take a look at LibraryThing today and the more social side to book hoarding. I like the idea of tagging books, reviews, recommendations and of course poking around other people's stuff. So I signed up. Fortunately it has a universal import capability so I set it to upload from the convenient Delicious Library export feature and left it chugging away. Four hours later I come back to discover there is a 200 book limit on free accounts.

LibraryThing has uploaded 200 random ISBNs from the 1300+ it had to choose from. It now looks like I have a completely moronic collection, largely based around Mr Men books. Ay Carumba.