105 things to do in 2005

    Craft and Sewing

  1. paint raven
  2. knit socks - stripey toddler socks in Creative Knitting Annual
  3. knit black jumper
  4. knit red cotton top
  5. design/knit blue striped ribbed sleeve jumper
  6. three bodiless puppets
  7. seekrit for Dad
  8. Wilkins
  9. Tumnus blankie
  10. bathroom duck curtain - maybe have a better idea No point when renovating soonish.
  11. hem study curtain
  12. Abbey’s curtain
  13. couch cover
  14. purple insets in denim jeans
  15. sunshade
  16. brown cords - take in
  17. asian print jacket for Abbey
  18. pjs for Abbey
  19. short denim skirt
  20. hem blue skirt
  21. sew green dress
  22. mend blue flowered dress
  23. zip in green sun dress
  24. tartan pants
  25. brown suede skirt
  26. sumo wrestler dolls
  27. medieval tapestry
  28. Diefenbaker
  29. fix neckline on black striped jumper
  30. turn striped collar into hat for Abbey
  31. Complete six Month of Softies challenges Completed: February
  32. Complete ten Illustration Friday challenges Completed: Disaster Relief, Balance
  33. Jayde doll
  34. Sew a Waldorf doll for Abbey (and me)
  35. Make some ironic t-shirts for myself and Abbey and Richard
  36. knit garter stitch hat to match Abbey’s scarf

    House, Garden and Kitchen

  37. clean out craft supplies/stash cupboards
  38. Redecorate Renovate Redecorate bathroom
  39. Keep to a cleaning schedule
  40. Clear off front deck
  41. Get Hunkmunka embroidery reframed
  42. Cook roast beef with all the trimmings
  43. Get carpets cleaned
  44. Catalogue CDs and DVDs
  45. Plant and harvest a veggie crop (does one delicious strawberry count?) Broccoli! Many broccoli.
  46. Move roses and gardenias to front of fence
  47. Get a (3 or 5 year) plan and budget happening for house renovations We've decided to wait (and save) for ten years!
  48. Finish Abbey-proofing deck and build gates
  49. Finish organising filing cabinet
  50. Get toilets fixed
  51. Organise photos in cupboard, albums or file Enough so far until winter when some sticking in albums can be done.
  52. Plant ferns outside kitchen window
  53. cover lower half of glass cabinet
  54. preserve lemons
  55. tidy cottage garden bed
  56. plant herbs
  57. get an electrician to swap light in study
  58. get new light fittings for living areas
  59. get a fishy in a fish tank


  60. Finish/Edit NaNoWriMo novel
  61. Write 12 short stories Three done
  62. Submit to at least one writing competition
  63. Second draft film script
  64. Write a review of every film I watch
  65. Edit material for Smiles on time every month So far so good!
  66. Get Jean’s manuscript from Dad and read through all
  67. Do Scott McCloud's 24-hour comic challenge

    Outings and Entertainment

  68. Take Abbey to the Aquarium (Yeah, Richard did, but that doesn't count. I wanna go!)
  69. Take Abbey to the zoo
  70. Borrow backpack from T+L, test with a trip to St Andrews market
  71. Watch all the extras on Buffy DVDs Season One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven
  72. Read 50 books - mainly including ones I already own - keep a list
  73. Buy and read rest of Sandman series #4, #5
  74. Read Transmetropolitan
  75. Watch all the DVDs we own that I haven’t got around to watching yet
  76. Attend and volunteer for Continuum 3
  77. Go to ten movies at the cinema Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, Robots, The one with Topher Grace and Dennis Quaid, Kingdom of Heaven, Sin City, Serenity, Look Both Ways, Serenity (again), Serenity (yes, again!), Corpse Bride, Wolf Creek.
  78. Stop watching crap TV - only watch specific shows that I’m interested in seeing Getting much better at this!
  79. Go to the Big Day Out - Boo Hoo, I was unable to go and sold my ticket. I owe myself a solo day out.
  80. Buy The Scarlett Pimpernel season 2 and watch
  81. Enrol in a class or short course that I have no prior experience in - garden sculpture?
  82. Visit Richard’s mum in Bundaberg - have bought tickets for December.
  83. Visit a waterfall - Marysville
  84. Subscribe to a magazine and then don't buy any others - Locus? Vogue Living? Have stopped buying them altogether and get my "interior design fix" from library books.
  85. replace Abbey’s cassettes with cds
  86. get Sesame St album digitised
  87. go on some picnics
  88. get kite repaired
  89. Take Abbey away on a short holiday - to the seaside!


  90. that thing with the thing
  91. and not to mention
  92. see a man about a dog
  93. Drink at least four glasses of water each day
  94. Leave the house four days out of seven Without even trying. Too much to do!
  95. Go for a walk at least every second day
  96. Enrol in a ballet class - Instead of these two I have joined a gym and now aim to attend 2-3 times a week.
  97. Stay a night away from Abbey Not sure it counts though as I was in hospital overnight :-/


  98. Invent some new swear words
  99. Clean up whole website, maintain
  100. Put book, cd, dvd databases online
  101. Set up and stick to GTD style organisation plan what a load of crap that turned out to be.
  102. Get last form arranged to rollover superannuation
  103. get new sunglasses
  104. ask R+S about tattoo artist
  105. buy a pair of shoes that aren't black - possibly red! Baby blue and dark red Pro Keds! Yay!